How it


Choose your plan.  Select the best stage for your child and the delivery window that’s most convenient for you. Along with fresh organic produce, you’ll receive handcrafted recipes tailored to the age of your baby.

We deliver at your doorstep during the delivery window that’s most convenient for you.

We’ve delivered simple recipes, and organic produce to your doorstep. Now, you take it from here. Using cooking tools you already have at home, prepare healthy dishes based on your child's stage of development.



Busy parents deserve to have more options than jars and pouches when it comes to feeding their child. Our mission is to provide parents with a convenient option for feeding their child fresh, organic produce. We seek to simplify baby food and support parents in giving their child only the best. Through a focus on community and service, we will always seek opportunities to uplift parents in North Texas by increasing access to healthy produce they can count on.



To You

Always fresh, organic, and healthy.

Our produce is always fresh and organic, allowing you to give only the very best to your child. Keeping in mind your busy schedules, our handcrafted recipes are easy to follow and created with love by our team of professionals.